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There are two different workshop schedules:

Firstly, groups of people, for example schools, societies and community groups, can be involved in their own workshops making lanterns for the parade. The project can assist if necessary with input from local artists or our own volunteers to guide on the artistic elements and teach the practical skills.

Secondly, we organise at least one public workshop in the autumn which is open to individuals. They are led by volunteers or local artists

These are usually for half a day and will take participants through the design and practical skills necessary to make a lantern.

There is no reason why anyone should not then make or complete their lantern at home.


The cost of making a lantern in a workshop is usually £7 which includes materials and part goes to the runnung costs of the Parade .

The dates of workshops for 2018 will be given here in due course.


Romsey Community Lantern Project

Bringing visual arts and practical skills to the community

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There will be public Lantern making workshops in 2018. Details and dates in due course Download details

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