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It all started in 2011 when a local retailer thought that Romsey was ideally suited to a Lantern Parade. This led to a group of people interested in community art getting together, out of which came the idea of a community development project. Focussing on creativity and the inclusion of a range of community groups, discussions led to the Romsey Community Lantern Project, what is now known as the Romsey Lantern Parade. being born. The project has been so successful that it is now in its fourth year.


Pupils in schools, club members and members of the public will have made about three hundred lanterns and these will be walked through Romsey accompanied by a band and choir.

This year's theme will be announced as soon as possible

The Romsey Community Lantern Project is a not-for-profit community organisation. We rely on sponsorship, fundraising and donations to cover the costs of all the lantern making, materials, and the actual parade. Most of the people involved are volunteers with some input from professional artists. If you would like to get involved at any level from lantern making as an individual or group, to sponsorship, please do get in touch. Contact details are on the website.

All material on this website is copyright © Romsey Community Lantern Project or is displayed with the approval of the copyright holder. Copies of photographs may be available on request


Romsey Community Lantern Project

Bringing visual arts and practical skills to the community

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